New !! Frizzante Bubbles and Beer - Get your Party Started with our Stunning Mobile Bar!!

Add Some Sparkle!

"Frizzante" is Italian for “sparkling” and our aim to add sparkle and style to your special event  by serving perfectly chilled Prosecco and beer on tap from a classic Italian vehicle. If you aren't already familiar with busy little 3- wheelers like this one, it's an Ape (pronounced "Ah-Pay"), which is Italian for bee, and is part of the Vespa family of classic motor scooters. Unlike most mobile bars which rely on ice, Frizzante has an on-board super-chiller ensuring that drinks are served icy-cold. Frizzante is a perfect addition to any party and at weddings it's ideal for keeping your guests entertained in the lull between the ceremony and reception when you’re away with the photographer. Oh- and we thought we'd also better mention that the trailer is just used for getting Frizzante to you -we drive it off when we get there!

Service Packages

All packages include 2 staff to serve your guests and 1 free 20L keg of Prosecco (approximately 120 glasses). Hours quoted are actual hours of service; up to 30km travel, set-up and take-down are all included in the package prices. You can also save $150 per package when you use Stylish Kombi Tours as your wedding chauffeur!

2 Hour Service $1250

4 Hour Service $1500

6 Hour Service $1750


Additional Drinks

Over and above Prosecco provided as part of your package, the drinks we serve are supplied by you (we can’t sell alcohol), and we are happy to assist with advice on quantities and purchase - we’ll even collect and deliver it for you for a small charge.  Buying by the keg means that you get exceptional value and can keep your guests refreshed for a fraction of the “by-the-glass” price.


Talk to us about how to “pimp your Prosecco”! We can supply prepared fresh fruit, fruit purees and cordials, and If you provide the Aperol, Chambord or Limoncello we can serve refreshing Spritz, or other sparkling classics.

Polycarbonate glasses for wine and beer can be hired for $1 per glass

Disposable glasses can be supplied at cost price, just let us know which ones you want

Travel over 30km from Perth CBD is $1.50 per km calculated 1-way only

You can add extra style by hiring one of our beautiful kombis as a static display to pump out your choice of music from its blue-tooth compatible sound system @$200 per event- and your guests will just love posing for photos next to this classic vehicle and making their own playlists on the ipad provided.